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You’ll find inferior quality bootlegs floating around the web, and some people are even selling them on CD. I guess we should be flattered…

But we don’t like inferior quality, so we’ve remastered the ten tracks from Contact You, along with four unreleased ones we recorded for the potential second-album-which-never-happened.

Plus the original 7″ mix of the single “Family Affairs”… and maybe even a nice little surprise on the CD for those of you too in awe of the sound quality [or too lazy to get up from the sofa ha ha] to change the disc…

CD available!!

The CD is now available!

You can order from eBay UK here… buy Contact You via eBay.

In the UK, the cost is £12 plus £2 postage, and we’ll aim to have the product in your hand within four working days. We’ve also enabled eBay’s Global Purchase option, in which we deliver the CD to eBay’s UK fulfilment centre, and they deal with international postage, customs etc. However, this can work out to be quite expensive once their postage and import duty are added.

For those who prefer not to use eBay, you can also buy it from from Discogs here.

Or you can order by telephone from COB Records in Porthmadog – call them on +44(0)1766 512170. You’ll just need a credit card and they will usually despatch the same day.

Or have a listen on our site here, and try before you buy…


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